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Owner Driver Vehicle Requirements

Age, Size & Acceptable Specification

Owner Driver Vehicle Requirements

Once you are have decided that providing your services to One Motion is the route for you then you are going to need a suitable vehicle in order to supply your delivery services. The vehicle you use doesn’t have to be owned by you. It could be rented, leased or borrowed, however it does need to meet certain standards and it must be insured correctly to ensure the safety and security of both you as a contractor and also our clients goods that you may be carrying. More information on the insurances you will be required to have in place can be found in the insurance section of this website.

Most of our clients have specific criteria in place with regards to the size, age or colour of vehicle that is utilised to deliver their goods. This is to ensure that your vehicle is going to be able to physically fit what is required each day, and to ensure that, as a representative of our clients out on the road, we are projecting an image that fits with that of their business.

If you ensure your vehicle meets the following criteria then you will be eligible to deliver goods on behalf of all of One Motion’s current clients (excluding specialist contracts eg: Security, Refrigerated etc).
Fixed solid bulkhead between passenger compartment and load space.
Maximum age of vehicle no more than 5 years from first registration as shown on V5C.
Vehicle tracking device Installed (assistance with this available from One Motion).

Each of One Motion’s clients have slightly different criteria with regards to the size of vehicle required to be eligible to deliver goods on their behalf. There are 3 main size criteria, which dictate which of our clients you can be placed with.
Category A – Minimum 3m3 (VW caddy or equivalent)
Category B – Minimum 5m3 (VW Transporter SWB or equivalent)
Category Z – Minimum 9m3 (Mercedes sprinter MWB or equivalent)

If your vehicle does not meet the above criteria then you may be ineligible to provide services on behalf of some of One Motions clients. However, we may be able to place you with a client to whom your vehicle does meet there criteria, please discuss your individual circumstances with a One Motion representative for more information on this.

If you do not currently have access to a vehicle for providing services, many suppliers will ask you to commit to a long-term agreement to lease, hire or purchase a vehicle. Your personal circumstances may mean you are not in a position to do this or you may not want to commit to a long-term agreement (sometimes up to 5 years). If this is the case, do not worry, One Motion have a number of discounted complete vehicle rental solutions in place available exclusively to contractors providing delivery services to One Motion. All Vehicles are available to rent on weekly basis, with a no fixed term and can be supplied fully insured & maintained as a complete “just add fuel” package, or basic vehicle supply only. Please get in touch via the below form.

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