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Insurance Requirements

Owner Driver Insurance | Goods in Transit | Employers Liability | Hire & Reward

Insurance Requirements

As a self-employed contractor/company supplying services to One Motion there are certain criteria you must meet with regards to the insurances you hold. Either One Motion or its Clients stipulate some of these and some are a legal requirement.

Vehicle Insurance

Any vehicle you use to provide services to One Motion must be correctly insured. You must have fully comprehensive insurance in place that meets at least the minimum legal requirements for use in the UK.
Your policy must also reflect the fact you are using the vehicle for business purposes and are carrying goods for ‘Hire & Reward”. If it does not you may find that you are not insured in the event of an accident.

Goods in Transit (GIT)

Carrying goods in your vehicle that do not belong to you means a separate insurance policy is required to cover the value of these goods if they are lost, stolen or damaged in an accident. Goods In Transit (GIT) insurance policies cover your business for damage to property insured whilst in transit caused by certain defined events. It provides cover for loss of, or damage to, goods insured.
The minimum level of cover required by all of One Motion’s clients is GIT cover to the value of £50,000

Public Liability (PL)

Public liability insurance covers you if clients or members of the public suffer injury or property damage because of your business. It is designed to pay the subsequent legal or compensation costs of any such event.
Although not compulsory it is recommended practice for any business that interacts directly with its clients or there customers on a regular basis.

Employers Liability (EL)

You are not obliged to provide your services to One Motion personally, you may wish to train and supply personnel to provide the service in your absence or perhaps provide the service alongside you to increase your business’ productivity. If you choose to employee personnel then the law requires you to have employee’s liability insurance in place, even if you only employ 1 person on a part time basis.
More information on employee’s liability insurance can be found here: www.gov.uk/employers-liability-insurance